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net.demon - contents page Tools - basic internet tools

IP Resolver - IP Resolver - resolve an IP address or domain
DNS - DNS Lookup - find information from a nameserver
Finger - Finger - finger a user or host
Whois - Whois - look up registration info on a domain
Traceroute - Traceroute - trace the route to a system
Ping - Ping - ping a server
Quote - Quote - get the quote of the day

Tasks - handy set of utilities

- Time Sync - query time from remote servers
- Terminal - connect to a remote system
- URL Reader - get a web page from a web server
- Keepalive - keep your internet connection from timing out
- URL Decoder - decodes encrypted web page addresses
- Port Listener - listen for incoming port connections
- IDENTD Query - test a computer's identification server
- IDENTD Server - listen for remote identification queries

Scan - get information about remote servers

- Server Scan - find out what services are running on a server
- Address Scanner - scan a range of addresses
- Port Scanner - scan a range of ports on one system

E-Mail - utilities for e-mail and mailservers

- Verify - find out if an e-mail address is real or not
- SMTP Listener - listen for incoming mailserver connections
- SMTP Relay Check - test a mailserver for relaying
- Header Analyzer - analyze e-mail headers(beta)

Info - find out information about your system

- System Info - display your Winsock and hostname settings
- Protocols - list the protocols Winsock knows about
- Port Services - list the port services Winsock knows about
- Connections - show the current port connections on your system
- Statistics - display your Netstat statistics
- Routing Table - show the routing table

File Menu

- New/Open - no-frills text editor
- Options - settings for net.demon

Edit Menu

- Find - search a file for specific text
- Replace - search and replace text in a file
- ROT13 - decode a message using ROT13

extra cool stuff

a spammer - Stupid URL Tricks - foils spammers who try to hide their address

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